The Betting Superstore Brand Merch program is what it’s all about to us. Helping give visibility to sports betting brands that want some extra exposure.

What better way than to have your brands merch out in the public. Here is how it works.

What You Get

  • Branded Store Page — Our team will take your high resolution logo and build an entire brand storefront dedicated to you. We will load it with a number of items.
  • 50% Commission on Orders — You will make 50% commission on all orders of products with your brand on them. Reminder, this is not 50% of the SALE, 50% of the total commission Betting Superstore earns. You aren’t going to get rich but it’s something.
  • Fans Wearing Your Brand — If all goes well, you will get public exposure from fans repping your branded items. This is what merch is all about.

What We Get

  • Link to Betting Superstore — Our first requirement to being a part of the Betting Superstore Brand Merch program is that you place one (or many) links on your site to your brands store page. You can add this into your header, menus, sidebars, embed product pages, and more!
  • Email & Social Blasts — It’s to all of our benefit if you share your new branded store page with your audience. We are hopeful you will send out at least one email to your list and post on your socials multiple times about your branded merch.
  • 50% Commission on Orders — As we told you above, we will split any commission that comes in on your brands products. It’s not about the money for us, but this keeps the lights on to be able to run this store.

How To Apply

  1. Complete the Betting Superstore Brand Merch application here.

To Wrap Up

We truly believe this is a WIN / WIN / WIN opportunity. Our favorite kind.

You Win — with branded merch and increased exposure. Maybe a bit of extra revenue.

We Win — with eyeballs coming to our betting store.

Fans Win — most importantly, the fans win because they can now rep and support their favorite brands.

Looking forward to working closely with you through this journey. Apply to be a part of our Brand Merch program here.